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" India is such a dose of memorable fragrances so beautifully captivated in diya candles. My favourite is Banarasi Meeta Paan as I was born in Banaras....and the smell of the city and the ghats and of course the pan is certainly something that stays in one's memory."

Vani Gehani

Sneak peak of Namste...Coming this #diwali
Sneak peak.. Coming this #diwali, our newest and most awaited scent #namaste. Stay tuned for more details. #candles #soy
One of our customers describing the Shanti candle.
One of our customers describing the "Shanti" candle. The candle is a blend of incense, sandalwood, Myrrh and flowers.
Costomer Liza  talk about
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This is what one of our amazing customers Liza has to say about the Paan candle. Thank you for the amazing response this weekend at the Rushi festival. Truly humbled.
Diya Candles accepted by Amazon
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Dear Friends... #DiyaCandles was accepted by #Amazon to be in its handmade category. You can now purchase our candles on Amazon!!!