About Us


Hi, my name is Sonia Srivastava and I am the founder of Diya Candles. I am a mother, a broadcast journalist, and now, a proud entrepreneur. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a very strong sense of smell. I lived in India until the age of 10, after which my family and I moved to the United States. The one thing that always brings me comfort is catching a whiff of something familiar. I remember the scent of temples, or that Jasmine tree that used to smell so good at night. I love the scent of sweet supari. Even though, they are not traditional scents you find in candles, for me they evoke happy thoughts and take me back to my childhood. I know I’m not alone. So, I created Diya Candles.

About Products

At Diya Candles, all our products are hand poured, and 100% soy. We also use eco-friendly cotton wicks, which contain no lead. You will notice that all our candles are white in color, that’s because we don’t use any artificial coloring or dyes. All the oils we use don’t contain any phthalates. Our goal is to create a candle that allows you to reconnect with all the great scents of India.